1. Validate that the email address to which you sent the license is correct.
2. Check the Spam folder of the email address to which the Token was sent.
3. Add the email address and the domain to the list of safe recipients to prevent the email or domain from being blocked.
4. Perform the license resend by following these steps:
a) Go to the “My Account” section, and enter through the “My Downloads” and “Distributed Codes” option.
b) Identify the product you want to resend and on the right side, you will find the “Resend” option.
c) Clicking on resend will show you the information of the end customer to whom the license will be resent. Confirm that the email address is correct, and if so, click on the “Accept” option.
d) The system will display a confirmation indicating that the license was successfully resent.
e) Check your inbox again.
If you still haven’t received the token, contact us through the chat so we can assist you.


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