Intcomex has developed a very effective RMA program to assist customers whenever the need arises. The INTCOMEX RMA department is proud to have one of the most efficient programs in the computer market and a qualified staff to handle your RMA needs.


For returns in person, our hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. No appointment is needed, and customers will be helped on a first come, first served basis. Returns involving more than twenty (20) pieces may not be processed while the customer waits. If this is the case, the customer will get a temporary receipt. The receipt will include your RMA number and customer number, box count, and it will be signed by one of our representatives. This will be the customer's proof of delivery.


Fill out the RMA request form and email to It is very important to include the item number, product description, serial number, invoice number and a description of the problem.. Your request will be reviewed by one of our representatives and e-mailed back to you with an authorization number printed on it. This is your authorization to return the product to us.    We only issue a RMA Number for tracking purposes. Warranty is based on the day the RMA arrives at our facility.

Return freight is the customer's responsibility; INTCOMEX cannot accept any collect shipments, nor can we clear shipment through customs. All shipments should be well packed to prevent damage..  Merchandise damaged in transit will be rejected.   RMA number must be written clearly on the outside of each box.

CPUs with stickers/ labels placed on top, cause malfunction, and will void warranty under PD (Physical Damaged). The following items must be returned complete with all accessories – Intel and AMD Processors.  Hard Drives with stickers, scratches, dents etc. is considered physical damage by the vendors and will not be accepted.

Some products are accepted for destruction in field after approval by our RMA Dept.  For example, JBL (Party Box and Soundbars, except from South America, need to be repaired by customer, and parts can be requested through us), Belkin, Zagg, Xiaomi, Microsoft etc.. For customers only, excluding Affiliates, Logitech, Linksys, Hikvision, Google, the same process.

For Accvent products you need to complete their forms, obtained from you salesperson, and emailed to

The following products cannot be returned to the US, and customers need to go directly to the Service Center in country, for further information.  Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, All Cellphones, APC, Epson including Ink cartridges.  Please check with us for each product and we will guide you on the process.

After your product is received in our system, we will e-mail you an RMA CONFIRMATION. This confirmation will list all items we have accepted and any items that we cannot accept. Items we cannot accept will include a coded explanation such as (OW) out of warranty, (PD) physical damage, and (NO) not ours.    All items refused will be disposed of within 30-days, if you do not request the return of same with your next order.

Every product received will be replaced with an item of a similar value and performance, if possible, unless otherwise notified. Your RMA may not always be completely fulfilled at the same time of receiving due to merchandise not in stock. In those cases we will issue a partial RMA, ship the product that is available, and complete the RMA as soon as possible.  Products not available for replacement will be credited once we receive credit from our vendors. All replacement products unclaimed for over 90 days from date of RMA Invoice will be considered abandoned, put back into stock, and be unredeemable.



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