1. Login to the Webstore with your username and password.
2. Locate the Product Catalog, Programs and Software category, and Digital Downloads subcategory.
3. In Digital downloads, you can view the list of products available, if you want add products to the shopping cart you must click on Download.
4. When downloading there will appear a message saying your product has been successfully added.
5. Confirm the order.
6. You will receive two emails, one with the confirmation of the purchased products and another that is sent once your payment is confirmed together with the link that directs to the my downloads page.
7. In My Downloads you will find the list of purchased products and the option to send codes to the customer.
8. When you click send it will redirect you to the Send codes to my customers page, where you will be able to share download codes to your customers.
9. Finally your customers will receive an email that will allow them to begin the process for downloading the software successfully.
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