This feature allows you to create a custom quote with one or more products, ready to be delivered to your customers in PDF format.
1. Go to our WebStore: and log in with your username and password in the "Sign In" option.
2. Search for the product you want and click on the "Add to Quote" link that you will find in the product detail section.
A pop-up window will appear confirming that the selected product has been added to the quote. Here you will have two options:

a. "Go to quote" to see the added products.

b. "Continue quoting" where you can continue browsing and add more products.

4. Once you have selected the "Go to Quotes" option, you will arrive at this section where you will find the number assigned by the system. Here you can select or add a customer and edit the information you require.

5. At the bottom, you will find in the added product detail, a drop-down list under the name "Profit". Here you can select the method you want to use for your profit in "%" or "Value".

6. Additionally, if you wish, you can include more products manually by clicking the "Add Products" button and entering the required data: product, quantity, MPN, price, and profit.

7. To download the quote, click "Save and Download".

8. Next, a pop-up window will appear showing the number your quote was stored under. Click again on "Save and Download".

9. Finally, a file in PDF format with the quote will be downloaded. You can find that file in your downloads folder.

10. When the quote is downloaded, three options will become available:

a. "Activate Quote": With this action, you can edit it again, updating the availability of products and prices.

b. "Move to Cart": To continue with the purchase of your products.

c. "Download": If you want to download the quote again.

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